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January 2011 Education News Articles
Idaho officially adopts Common Core State Standards
FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011 22:24 PM
Minority students continue to improve on SAT-10 in Florida county
FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011 17:20 PM
Groups fight against new Rhode Island education requirements
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011 17:25 PM
St. Paul Lutheran School sees improvement on SAT-10 scores for the third consecutive year
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011 17:23 PM
Practice tests found to be more beneficial than studying
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011 17:21 PM
Iowa school districts hope to turn their ITBS scores around
TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2011 18:14 PM
Cursive may no longer be a part of academics due to the Common Core State Standards
TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2011 18:13 PM
Massachusetts found to have the smartest children based on NAEP scores
MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 2011 18:08 PM
Research conducted to determine benefits of educators' retirement plans
FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 18:48 PM
Could open enrollment boost ITBS scores?
FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 18:47 PM
A background to TerraNova
THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2011 17:03 PM
West Virginia on track to adopt the Common Core State Standards
THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2011 16:59 PM
Data shows link between charter schools and standardized test performance
TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2011 18:08 PM
Hall County students show improvement in ITBS scores
FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 14:46 PM
Judge rules NYC teacher rankings can be released to public
THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011 21:58 PM
Oregon students allowed to use spell check on standardized tests
THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011 21:52 PM
Detroit schools show disparities on standardized tests
THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011 16:47 PM
Could breastfeeding help children perform better on standardized tests?
MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2011 18:15 PM
Study finds majority of college students lack an understanding of science
MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2011 18:14 PM
Many states still years away from full integration of Common Core State Standards
FRIDAY, JANUARY 07, 2011 17:46 PM
New Jersey standardized test performance show discrepancies with minority performance
THURSDAY, JANUARY 06, 2011 17:21 PM
Utah teachers prepare to adopt Core Curriculum State Standards
MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2011 18:07 PM
Kansas schools recognized for student performance
MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2011 18:06 PM