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Data shows link between charter schools and standardized test performance

TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2011 18:08 PM

Recent data from the New Jersey Department of Education found that students attending one of the state's charter schools consistently performed better on standardized tests than their peers who go through the public system.

The state's DOE is planning to use this information to back up Governor Chris Christie's plan to implement more charter institutions into the New Jersey system, as the schools appear to be working.

According to the report, 79 percent of charter school students performed higher than students in the home district for the language arts portion, while 69 percent performed better at the math portion in comparison.

"The data shows us that the innovation and creativity that drove the charter movement in the first place are getting real results for our children," said acting education commissioner Chris Cerf. "High-quality charters in New Jersey are shining examples of why we can no longer accept that zip code equals destiny. It's critical that we act immediately to strengthen and expand charter schools in the state by implementing Governor Christie's education reforms."