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Groups fight against new Rhode Island education requirements

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011 17:25 PM

While it's a law that all students must take a standardized test in order to graduate, some states are looking to take it one step further by ensuring all pupils pass a form of standardized test in order to receive a diploma.

Although New York has already implemented this kind of law, the state of Rhode Island is making moves to require all students in public schools to pass a standardized test. A number of civil liberty groups met to protest this move, according to the Boston Globe.

The news provider reports that the groups believe that this would create a "caste system" in the public schools. Students who take these tests would receive one of three diplomas - honors for students who scored higher than average, regents for those who were proficient and a Rhode Island diploma for those who were "partially proficient."

"To label these youth as deficient is to visit the failures of the system on the very children the system has failed," Veronika Kot, an education law attorney with Rhode Island Legal Services, told the Providence Journal.