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Cursive may no longer be a part of academics due to the Common Core State Standards

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2011 18:13 PM

The majority of individuals can remember a time when they had to learn to write in cursive as part of their academic curriculum. However, as the Common Core State Standards does not require the form of writing, more states are dropping it from their public school curricula.

According to ABC News, since the Common Core State Standards are a set of requirements that students should know during their academic tenure, not including cursive in the curriculum would not affect how a student performs.

However, some academics are against getting rid of cursive, as they believe it is an asset to one's knowledge. The news provider reports that there have been studies to suggest the form of writing boosts learning.

The ABC affiliate for Omaha, KETV, reports that some teachers feel that cursive should still be a part of the curriculum, as people still need it for simple things such as a signature.

"I hate the idea of a whole generation of people who don't know how to sign their own name," graphoanalyst Janet Tilden told the news provider. "That seems kind of weird to me."