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Judge rules NYC teacher rankings can be released to public

THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 2011 21:58 PM

After unions attempted to block the release of standardized test scores that would rank teachers based on student performance, a Manhattan judge ruled that the city will be allowed to release the report.

The New York Times reports that against the wishes of the United Federation of Teachers, the educators' names will not be private when the report is released. The Teachers Data Reports have a grade for more than 12,000 educators out of the 80,000 teaches in the city's public school system.

However, the news provider reports that the union is planning on appealing this decision, meaning that the ranking system will still not be released to the public for a while.

"We are disappointed," the union president, Michael Mulgrew, told the news provider. "The reports, which are largely based on discredited state tests, have huge margins of error and are filled with inaccuracies, will only serve to mislead parents looking for real information."

According to the Christian Science Monitor, this data will account for 25 percent of teacher performance evaluations beginning in 2013.