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Utah teachers prepare to adopt Core Curriculum State Standards

MONDAY, JANUARY 03, 2011 18:07 PM

More states are adopting the Common Core State Standards in order to come in line with the majority of the nation. Because of this, some public systems are beginning to change their curricula to the new standards to ensure that their students perform up to par on the new exams.

Teachers in the state of Utah, which recently joined the initiative, are currently undergoing a statewide effort to coordinate their curriculum to the new criteria, according to the Cache Valley Daily, a website that provides local news.

Educators are noting that this transition will not be the smoothest, as previous standards may not have been up to par when compared to the new exams that have been adopted by 44 states across the country.

"This is not an easy transition. Sixth grade math will be a whole new ball game," Logan City School District Superintendent Marshall Garrett told the news provider.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the new curriculum for English will take place later this year, while math will see a revamp in 2012.