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Study finds majority of college students lack an understanding of science

MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2011 18:14 PM

The public school system may want to consider bolstering its science curriculum, as a new study suggests that most college students do not understand the basics of the carbon cycle, which deals with climate change.

The article, which is published in the journal BioScience, suggests that a number of college students are not able to grasp the concept, which is why educators should step in and spend more time focusing on the subject.

"Improving students' understanding of these biological principles could make them better prepared to deal with important environmental issues such as global climate change," said Charles "Andy" Anderson, MSU professor of teacher education and co-investigator on the project.

While this study examines college students, it could be beneficial to start implanting this knowledge in grade school. The American public education system stresses the importance of students being on par with writing and math skills, but fewer standardized tests focus on science.

As a result of these findings, it could be a good idea for the education system to begin focusing on science proficiency as well.