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Minority students continue to improve on SAT-10 in Florida county

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 2011 17:20 PM

A number of school districts have been seeing a disconnect with minority students' standardized test scores. However, the public schools of Lee County, Florida, are noticing that their minority students have been closing the gap with their Caucasian peers.

Students were given the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10) in order to determine exactly where they fell in terms of performance according to The News-Press. Although the minority students are still performing lower than white students, studies have shown that they have been increasing their test scores recently.

However, teachers are saying while this is a good sign, parents should become more involved in their children's academic lives.

"We need more parental involvement in schools instead of people just sending kids to school and leaving it up to teachers," Eddie Felton, a community activist in Fort Myers, told the news provider. "Parents have to get involved in their children's education or they're going to fail."

The SAT-10 is available to students nationwide, depending on if the school picks the test. Additionally, all students can take the SAT-10 as the test offers exams for all grade levels.