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Practice tests found to be more beneficial than studying

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2011 17:21 PM

When students are looking to study for a big exam, instead of trying to memorize the facts, taking a practice test may be the best way to retain information.

A recent study published in the online journal Science is reporting that using practice tests as a form of preparing for an exam is more beneficial than studying alone. Additionally, the study's authors report that this practice is especially true for individuals who are studying science.

 The research's authors are hopeful that this discovery will cause students to develop a new form of studying and potentially boost their overall test scores.

"I think that learning is all about retrieving, all about reconstructing our knowledge," lead author Jeffrey Karpicke, an assistant professor of psychology at Purdue University, told the news provider. "I think that we're tapping into something fundamental about how the mind works when we talk about retrieval."

Students who are preparing for a standardized test may want to keep these findings in mind, as it could help them score in a higher percentile if they practice correctly.