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Tennessee school receives funding for the Stanford Achievement Test
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2011 18:14 PM

Shirley Ellis, director of the Carter County Schools in Elizabethton, Tennessee, has received approval from the district's school board to allocate funding so that students in kindergarten through the second grade can take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10), the Elizabethton Star reported.

During a special session of the board, Ellis sought approval for test funding so that educators working in the Carter County school system can see if students understand what they are learning through the Common Core State Standards, the news source stated.

"Even just one year of testing will give us a base line where we can look at a lot of data to determine where our needs are to get our 3rd grade students ready," Ellis said, as quoted by the news outlet.

A total of $26,425 in funding will pay for the SAT-10, according to the news source. Students in kindergarten through the second grade will take the test, with officials from the school system receiving the results about a month later. Then, in the summer of 2012, a data team will analyze the scores to see which areas students could stand to improve in.

The Pearson Education website states that the SAT-10 assesses test-takers' knowledge in areas such as reading, language, mathematics, science and social science.