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SAT-10 scores help students start the college admissions process early


Students' grades and level of classroom participation can certainly provide their teachers with a sense of how well they are absorbing the material being covered in school. For a deeper understanding of which areas pupils could stand to improve in, there are standardized assessments, such as the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10).

This Test, which is available for grades K-12, provides educators and parents with an idea of what students know and are capable of, according to Pearson Education's website. Those who take the SAT-10 answer a series of multiple-choice questions related to core academic subjects, such as reading, mathematics and science.

For students, high SAT-10 scores may also lead to a head start on the competitive college admissions process. This is what a group of sixth-graders from Alabama's Escambia Academy are finding, as the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) recently honored them, the Atmore News reported.

TIP, a nonprofit organization, is designed to help academically gifted children reach their highest potential, according to its website. In order to qualify, the six Escambia students had to receive a score of 95 or higher on at least one portion of the SAT-10, which each of them accomplished. As a result, they have a chance to take the ACT test earlier than most prospective college students.