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Better test scores help Arizona school district earn a B

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2012 16:15 PM

Just before the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, Arizona’s district and charter schools received a treat from the state’s Department of Education in the form of A-F letter grades.

According to Department officials, 25 percent of the state’s 1,733 schools managed to increase their letter grades since last year. The Nadaburg Unified School District was fortunate enough to be among them, The Arizona Republic reported. Within one year, the District, which has more than 900 students in two schools, went from earning a D to a B.

The Department’s grades are calculated based largely on students’ performance on state tests. Curtis McCandlish, Nadaburg Elementary School’s principal, told the news source the District was able to improve test scores by focusing on students who performed poorly in 2011.

Several Nadaburg students also managed to improve their scores on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10). Second-graders Candice Castro, Clifton Keim and Lexy Milligan all received perfect scores of 30 on the assessment’s language section.

Overall, Nadaburg was among the 34 percent of school districts in the state to earn a B. Roughly 23 percent were awarded an A.