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Students exceed national averages for the SAT-10

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011 18:27 PM

Using the results of the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10), teachers can gain a better sense of which academic subjects students have a grasp on, and what areas they can stand to improve in, according to Pearson Education's website. Among the subjects that pupils are tested on are reading, mathematics, science and social science.

The Savannah Morning News recently reported that last spring's third graders at May River Montessori Elementary School in South Carolina managed to score as well or better than 89.7 percent of the other SAT-10 test takers around the country. This accomplishment is nothing new for students at the School, as they consistently exceed national averages.

According to May River's website, the School owes much of its success to its teachers and staff, who are committed to educating "the whole child." Classes are offered for students 2 years of age through the fifth grade.

Pearson states that the SAT-10 is typically administered to students in the spring, and then again in the fall after they have advanced to the next grade level. This allows educators to better monitor their students' academic progress.