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St. Louis school impresses doubters with SAT-10 scores
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011 15:25 PM

As education reform continues to be a major topic discussed across the country, more schools are starting to show their worth by demonstrating their students' potential through standardized test scores.

Unity Lutheran Christian Elementary School, which is located in East St. Louis, was doubted by some. However, reports that students have demonstrated exceptional scores on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10), which has impressed naysayers.

Last year's scores demonstrated that more than 40 percent of students were either performing at or above their grade level. The news provider reports that there has been a proficiency increase, as now 50 percent of students are performing at or above their peers.

Academic officials told the media outlet that the news has been so uplifting that locals believe the school may have a positive effect on the surrounding area.

"Some people say, 'Your school can change East St. Louis,'" said principal Paul Miller. "That's not why we're here. We're here to change a child."

The SAT-10 is a national standardized test that is typically distributed in Alabama and Arkansas, although other schools have adopted the format.