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School announces high SAT-10 scores
MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011 16:07 PM

Tennessee's Clarksville Christian School recently announced that its students received high scores on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10). Children between kindergarten and the ninth-grade took this assessment.

According to its website, the SAT-10 is a multiple-choice examination that strives to show teachers and parents what students have learned while complying with the No Child Left Behind Act. Children who take the test are assessed in subjects such as social science, listening, spelling, language, lexile measures and mathematics.

Students' scores are given in stanines, with a stanine of one, two or three indicating a below average score. Children who receive a stanine of four, five or six are considered average, while a seven, eight or nine is considered an above average score.

Most of the Tennessee school's students received above average scores in reading and language arts as well as mathematics.

Lisa Tucker, head of school, said her students' scores reflect the institution's desire to ensure that children are gaining necessary knowledge.

"Clarksville Christian School is committed to academic excellence, and our four-year history of Stanford data shows that we are an effective school," she said.