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Guam Education Board to release Stanford Achievement Test scores

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011 16:56 PM

The Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10), which is currently in its 10th edition, is a multiple choice assessment that is designed to help teachers evaluate their students' academic strengths and weaknesses, according to the Pearson Education website.

Results from this year's SAT-10 are expected to be released on October 19 at a meeting of the Guam Education Board, Pacific Daily News reported. The assessment scores will also be presented on October 27 through the State of Public Education Report.

Francis Santos, chairman of the board, did not reveal any information on the scores to the news source, but he is focused on the future of education in Guam.

"We have to challenge our administrators and principals and I didn't get a sense that the previous board had set that as a goal for the superintendent and school principals to achieve," Santos told the news outlet.

In addition to educators, parents can use the results of the SAT-10 to measure their children's grasp on subjects like English, social studies, math and science, according to the news source. If students do not perform as well as expected, both parents and teachers can work together to improve these youths' skills in areas they struggle in.