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Good writing skills may lead to better grades
THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2012 15:43 PM

The better students’ handwriting skills are, the higher their scores may be on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10), NBC 6 Miami reported.

In a recent Florida International University (FIU) study, researchers analyzed the ways in which children’s handwriting influences their grades, according to the news source. They looked at 3,000 Miami-Dade public school students’ performance in preschool and the second grade.

The researchers found that students who received higher scores on their fine motor writing test before entering kindergarten also performed better in school and on the math, and reading portions of the SAT-10, the news outlet stated.

"We think it could be attention," Laura Dinehart, an FIU assistant professor, told the news source. "Kids that have greater attention skills could also have greater writing skills because they’re able to focus and they’re able to copy."

Based on the results of the study, preschoolers with strong writing skills received a B average in the second grade, while those who performed poorly in writing before kindergarten had a C average in second grade, according to the news outlet.

The Chicago Tribune recently highlighted a few ways in which good handwriting makes students better learners. For instance, past research from Indiana University revealed that writing by hand can change how the brain develops.