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Florida school district sets goals for SAT-10 in order to receive Race to the Top funds

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010 17:27 PM

The government has been pushing heavily for education reform through various funding programs. Since the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, the government has been using standardized test scores to map out students' academic progress and how their curricula are preparing them for future endeavors.

As a way to boost progress within the education sector, the government has created the Race to the Top initiative, which provides funding to states that show progress toward education reform. According to, the Manatee School District in Florida is applying for $5.1 million of Florida's Race to the Top funding.

In order to receive the funding, the school board had to set certain goals for its students. One of the goals is that 82 percent of second grade students will score at least within the 34th percentile on the Stanford Achievement Test by 2015.

The Stanford Achievement Test series is available for each year in school. Children are tested on their knowledge of reading, math and science.