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Alabama students faced with a number of standardized tests throughout their academic careers

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2011 16:46 PM

Although most public school students are finding themselves forced to take standardized tests due to the No Child Left Behind Act, some may find that they have more exams than the average pupil.

Students in Alabama take an average of eight different standardized tests throughout their academic careers, according to the Dothan Eagle. Allyson Morgan, the director of secondary curriculum at Dothan City Schools, told the news provider that she believes students spend at least one week out of a typical school year taking tests.

She also argued that there is no flexibility for letting teachers make the decisions, rather than letting the state legislatures decide.

"We don't have a choice," Morgan told the source. "What we give, how we give them, when we give them, it's all mandated by the state."

Some of the tests that students in Alabama will face throughout their lifetime include the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10) and the Common Core State Standards, which the state adopted last year.