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Ways for parents to help their child prepare for the California STAR Testing Program

TUESDAY, MARCH 06, 2012 17:15 PM

While students are the ones taking the California STAR Testing Program assessments, their parents actually play an important role in their academic performance, according to Fair Oaks’ Patch website. As a result, the news source recently provided a few tips that may help students do a better job on the California Standards Test (CST) and the Program’s other assessments.

For instance, the news outlet suggested that parents gain an understanding of how their child is performing at school. Attending parent/teacher conferences and making other visits to their child's classes can help them acquire this information.

After parents have a better understanding of what their child’s life is like at school, they can focus on conditions at home. The news source recommended that students have a quiet place in the house they can go to when they need to do homework or study.

Good communication between parents and their child may also lead to better test scores. Adults should know when their child will be tested and make sure he or she is prepared.

After parents work with their children, these youths may be better equipped to perform well on the CST, which focuses on such academic subjects as English, mathematics, science and history, according to the California Department of Education.