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Teachers feel the pressure of standardized tests

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011 15:43 PM

Many students go through the stress of preparing for standardized tests, as there's a lot of pressure with ensuring they increase their performance. Since the No Child Left Behind Act stipulates that public school students must increase their Adequate Yearly Progress each year, many work to ensure they receive high marks.

However, while students may feel the heat, teachers could be feeling it worse, according to Paragould, Arkansas's ABC affiliate, KAIT 8.

Teachers understand the importance of ensuring their students are ready for standardized tests, which is why they may take on the burden if the pupils do not excel in performance. Additionally, many schools are starting to hold educators accountable for a lapse in improved scores.

The news provider reports that many teachers at Paragould High School have been banding together to come up with effective lesson plans.

"If one teacher has really great ideas on how to help their kids in that particular area, then we share those ideas and then we work together," English teacher Jenny Hollis told the news provider.

There are some ways that teachers can take the pressure off of students, such as making the review process fun with games and continually offering practice tests to help pupils advance their knowledge.