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Principal gets pink mohawk to promote California Standards Tests participation
TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012 15:30 PM

For schools, the California Standards Tests (CST), a part of the California STAR Testing Program, are important, as they provide another way of measuring students' and teachers' performance outside of grades, according to the state’s Department of Education.

However, rather than sitting for the CST, some students may feel they are better off staying home to avoid the Tests altogether. This is why Ed Young, principal at Central Elementary School in Banning, made a promise to students, The Record Gazette reported. If at least 98 percent of second- through fourth-graders showed up for the CST, he would change his hair color, which is typically a mix of gray and white.

As a result, at least 98 percent of test takers showed up at school and Young kept up his end of the bargain. On May 11, the principal arrived at school with a pink mohawk. Some students gave Young a hug, while others simply giggled from afar. Either way, his new hairdo made an impact.

"Statistics have shown that kids do better when they participate together, every day, rather than on their own doing make-ups" Young told the news source. "It's better to have them there taking it every day, on time."