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Practice tests help students perform better on the California Standards Tests

TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2012 15:25 PM

In California, every school has its own approach to preparing for the California Standards Tests (CST), which are part of the California STAR Testing Program. Educators who teach in the Mountain View Whisman School District have found that practice tests have proven to be an effective way of raising students’ CST scores, the Mountain View Voice reported.

Over the past two years, students in the District’s elementary and middle schools have been taking practice assessments that are designed to mimic the CST’s questions and format. According to the news source, the time Mountain View pupils have dedicated to these examinations has paid off in the form of better language arts and math scores on the official CST.

"It's nice to see that progress is being made," Mary Lairon, Mountain View’s associate superintendent, told the news outlet. "It's really helpful in understanding what standards have been taught and what standards need to be taught - and what children need to have in terms of additional instruction."?

Each spring, the CST is administered to California students in grades two through eleven, according to the state’s Department of Education. The purpose of the STAR Testing Program is to get a sense of how youths and the schools they attend are performing in the areas of writing, reading, history, math and science.