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Parents asked to help students prepare for the California Standards Tests

MONDAY, MAY 07, 2012 15:39 PM

While young Californians may view the California Standards Tests (CST) as just another in a long series of assessments they have to take throughout the year, they mean more to the school districts in the state.

The CST, along with three other assessments, comprises the California STAR Testing Program. According to the state’s Department of Education, students answer questions related to academic subjects like English, math and science, and are then assigned a performance level of advanced, proficient, basic, below basic or far below basic based on their scores.

In the event that a specific school receives continuously low scores, they may face sanctions or even a state takeover, the Sacramento Bee reported. As the STAR Testing Program is so important, California institutions have taken steps to ensure that their students are as prepared for the CST as they possibly can be.

For instance, the news source stated that some school administrators have contacted parents through automated phone calls and fliers to help them prepare their children for the CST. School officials have recommended that students get enough sleep and have a good breakfast before sitting for the Tests.