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Ohio school system suffers from cutbacks and the elimination of teaching positions

TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2011 16:39 PM

Throughout the U.S., many schools are cutting back on expenses, which can result in the elimination of positions and programs. Initiatives that are deemed expendable, such as field trips, are slashed to help the school system stay afloat financially.

For instance, the Chillicothe school board, which is located in Ohio, recently announced that it will trim nearly $1.55 million from its budget, the Chillicothe Gazette reports.

As part of the cuts, a total of 24 full-time teaching positions and all district-sponsored field trips will be eliminated. Teachers who have the best student test scores will likely be retained. Among those who will be terminated are instructors of English, industrial technology, pre-school and business as well as facilitators of talented and gifted programs.

"I am saddened by the loss the district is experiencing, both in teachers and classified staff," Wil Vickery, president of the teacher union, told the news source. "Everyone on a daily basis has an opportunity to impact kids."

Instructors who wish to give their students a better chance of performing well on standardized tests may wish to administer standards practice tests.