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How California parents can encourage their kids during testing season

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 2013 09:39 AM

Just because students will be the ones taking the California Standards Tests, a part of the California STAR Testing Program, does not mean their parents cannot help them prepare for the assessments.

According to the California Department of Education, the Tests provide educators with a snapshot of how second- through eleventh-graders are performing at school in the subjects of writing, reading, history, mathematics and science. Whether or not students are struggling in any one of these areas, it is important for them to do their best on the exams to ensure accurate results.

The Ventura County Star states there are several things parents can do to help their children achieve this goal. For example, parents can encourage students to do well on the Tests by speaking about the assessments in a positive light while also explaining their importance. At the same time, mothers and fathers can ease anxiety by telling their children the Tests are not designed to measure their worth - just their academic performance.

Parents cannot control when their children get sick, but they can help them boost their immune system by ensuring kids get enough rest and eat right before participating in the STAR Testing Program.