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Washington State schools gear up for state tests

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011 16:43 PM

Spring time signifies the end of the school year for students. However, before they leave the institution, their year's work culminates into a standardized test that reveals whether they are prepared for the next grade level.

The Longview School District, which is located in Washington State, recently announced that it is preparing for the Measurement of Student Progress, a standardized test that was created for middle school students, The Daily News reports.

However, officials at the school are "cautiously optimistic" about the test, citing concern that this is a transition year, in which more substitute teachers were employed. The restructuring of the institution, which was implemented after last year's "school in improvement" designation, had many teachers pulled from their classes for training and meetings.

Officials told the news source that this may cause a temporary dip in scores, but ultimately, the school is heading in the right direction.

The Measurement of Student Progress exam tests reading on a scale of 500. For instance, for a sixth grade student to earn the highest level of proficiency, he or she must attain a score between 425 and 475.