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Try to teach beyond the standardized test

MONDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2010 23:22 PM

Many teachers stress the importance of their students doing well on the various standardized tests that they have to take throughout their academic careers. However, some analysts have suggested that putting too much on standardized tests could be detrimental to overall learning.

The Laramie Boomerang reports that there is a growing gap in the quality of education between 12th grade and the first year of college for many students, leading a number of individuals to take remedial classes upon entering a higher education.

Dr. P. David Pearson, who works with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, told the news provider that it's important for teachers to instill the importance of reading comprehension and basic math aside from stressing the importance of standardized test scores.

"If we change talk, the focus and distribution of what we talk about and who does the talking, then what that can do is change the understanding of the text," he said.

There has been some controversy in the past over whether or not standardized testing actually helps academia or teaches students how to perform well on exams, according to NPR.