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Teachers help improve California STAR testing results in Moorpark

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 2011 16:05 PM

Schools in the Southern California city of Moorpark, which is located in Ventura County, achieved better California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program scores in English and math than their peers across the county and state, Moorpark Patch reported. Students in the Moorpark Unified School District owe much of their success to the academic administrators who work at these institutions.

According to the news source, in 2011, students in the Ventura County district continued to perform well on the California STAR Test. This was especially true of Moorpark subgroups, such as pupils with disabilities. Teresa Williams, the district's superintendent, told the news outlet that teachers have worked hard to identify students' specific academic needs and provide them with targeted interventions.

"The significant and sustained improvements we've seen for nine consecutive years prove how hard teachers, school employees, administrators and parents are working to help students achieve despite budget cuts that have affected our schools," said Tom Torlakson, the state superintendent of public instruction, as quoted by the news source. "Their heroic teamwork is paying off for California."

On the whole, California STAR testing results showed that more than ever before, students scored proficient or higher in the program's exams in English, mathematics, science and history-social science, according to the California Department of Education.