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Students required to take more standardized tests

MONDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2010 17:43 PM

Each year, public school systems find that they have new requirements for their students in order to gauge the effectiveness of the curriculum. This is typically done through standardized testing, a method used in schools across the country as part of the No Child Left Behind Act.

However, students should prepare themselves as analysts suggest that every year there appears to be increased testing, according to the Walton Tribune.

Standardized testing such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is taken throughout a student's progress through academia. Coupled with other forms of evaluation, students may have a lot on their plates when it comes to taking tests.

"We believe in a balanced approach to assessment, therefore several types of test are needed which allows the district to evaluate student achievement, curriculum and instruction," Bettye Ray, superintendent of Social Circle City Schools, told the news provider.

Ray said that the three tests her school uses to determine student performance are the CRCT, the ITBS and the Cognitive Abilities Test.

However, it depends on the age of the student for how many tests they'll be taking that year. For example, the ITBS is used in grades K-8.