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Students receive perfect scores on the California Standards Test's math section

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2011 16:43 PM

The California Standards Test (CST), is one of four assessments that comprise the California STAR Testing Program, according to the California Department of Education. The CST measures students' progress in English, mathematics, science and history-social science.

In California's Lemon Grove School District, 33 students were recently recognized for their performance on the math portion of the CST, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Due to the fact that these pupils received 600 points on this section of the test, they were referred to as the 600 Club.

"It’s very unusual for a student to have a perfect score in either section of the CST," Ernie Anastos, Lemon Grove superintendent, told the news source, in reference to the math and language arts portions of the test. "This is a much larger group than we’ve ever had in the past."

The 33 students came from various grade levels within the District's seven schools, according to the news outlet. Anastos felt that the better math materials that have been in use in the District since 2009 may have helped improve students' CST performance.