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Students prepare for the California Standards Test by building a home


Officials from the Roseville Joint Union High School District set a goal of improving students’ proficiency in geometry on the California Standards Test (CST), which is a part of the California STAR Testing Program, the Roseville Press Tribune reported. At Roseville High School, students are expanding their skill set in this mathematical area by building a modular house.

Geometry teacher Tyson Maytanes and industrial technology instructor Jeff Bailey felt that building a home would be a good way for students to enhance their knowledge of geometry, according to the news source. The Geometry in Construction program provides students with a chance to acquire the skills they would normally receive in both math and shop classes.

"Our students are learning the concepts of geometry," said Bailey, as quoted by the news outlet. "But, at the same time, they’re building a 650-square-foot house on campus."

In addition to geometry, the mathematics portion of the CST features questions based on the topics students learn about in Algebra I and II, according to the California Department of Education. Other questions are related to English, history and science.