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Students attend summer program to improve California STAR Testing scores
THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2011 15:53 PM

California's La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District is making an effort to ensure that students know the basic skills before moving on to the next grade with a new summer school initiative, the Half Moon Bay Review reports. The program, which is called Panther Camp, was designed to help students who did not meet the proficiency level on the English language arts or mathematics sections of the California Standards Test.

According to the assessment's website, the California Standards Test is one component of the Standardized Testing and Reporting program, or California STAR Testing. Other components of this exam include the California Alternate Performance Assessment and the California Modified Assessment.

The goal of Panther Camp is to help students gain the skills they will need for their next grade level during fun enrichment activities, the news outlet reports. For example, the children may play Frisbee golf while practicing their vocabulary, or supplement their math skills while cooking. During another class, the children made Mexican-style masks.

However, teachers also reserve about half of Panther Camp for straightforward English and math practice.