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Some Massachusetts schools receive teaching training grants to boost standardized test scores
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2010 16:36 PM

There has been a heavy stress on teachers to ensure that their students pass standardized tests. As the government is stepping in to guide education reform in order to prepare students for the future, some schools are receiving government funds in order to boost their programs so students can see better results on their standardized tests.

The Hamilton-Wenham and Salem school systems in Massachusetts received $100,000 for teacher training in hopes of boosting students' geometry and measurement abilities to improve standardized test scores, according to the Salem News.

During the first year of the grant, 15 to 20 middle school educators from both school systems will be allowed to take part in the training. The same number of high school teachers will go through the program the following year.

According to Federal Grants Wire, there are currently loans, as well as government and federal grants that go toward teacher training. The grants depend on the kinds of institutions the educators work at, as well as what subjects they teach.