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Six Los Angeles charter schools to shut down due to cheating scandal
FRIDAY, MARCH 04, 2011 09:04 AM

Cheating on standardized tests appears to be a problem in various areas of the nation. Georgia has come under fire after an alarming amount of its schools were found to have cheated on standardized tests, and now six Los Angeles charter schools will be shut down due to cheating.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles Board of Education voted to shut down six charter schools operated by the Crescendo organization, which is located in South Los Angeles.

However, Crescendo officials and some parents within the school, are fighting this move because of the schools' academic success.

The news provider reports that the company's founder and executive director, John Allen, allegedly ordered the cheating by providing standardized test answers. Teachers and other school officials went along with it, until a select few that were not named blew the whistle on the wrong-doing.

Teachers would break open the test seals and use the questions that would be on the exams in order to train students to perform well.