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Selecting top of the class could be beneficial for improving academic reform
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2010 16:54 PM

There has been a sense of pressure on the importance of education reform within the U.S., as government officials are looking to hold teachers accountable for students' progression that is measured through standardized test scores.

Additionally, because qualified teachers are growing in age, some are concerned that there will not be enough applicants to effectively teach students. According to Oregon Live, one way to potentially find the most effective educators is by picking people from the top of their class in college.

The news provider reports that Finland, Singapore and South Korea, who have some of the top performing school systems in the world, only recruit potential educators who are ranked at the top of their class.

Some states are choosing to use standardized tests in order to rate their teachers. Those educators who have students with consistent high marks are sometimes rewarded with bonuses, while those who have underperforming pupils are put on a watch list until their students' scores improve.