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Schools will work to improve California STAR testing scores
THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011 15:52 PM

St. Helena, California's primary, elementary and high schools recently received their test scores, the St. Helena Star reports. Based on the results, administrators believe there is room for improvement.

On the 2010 Academic Performance Index, the school received a score of 819, which reflects an above average score for the state, but a decrease from their 2009 score of 848. According to the news provider, these digits are created based on scores from California STAR testing as well as a high school exit exam.

The STAR website indicates that last year, the testing program included four components: the California Modified Assessment, the California Alternate Performance Assessment, the California Standards Test and the Standards-based Tests in Spanish.

Cindy Toews, assistant superintendent, told the news outlet that many of the problems that led to lower scores in the primary and elementary schools have already been addressed in the district's new K-5 program.

Under this system, younger students would learn all of their core subjects in the morning, uninterrupted, and save activities like art and gym for the afternoon. Children would also have access to specialized help throughout the day.