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Schools learn from California STAR Testing results


In California, the spring season marks the arrival of the California STAR Testing Program, which is designed to assess students' performance, according to the state's Department of Education. Pupils in the second through eleventh grade take assessments that focus on reading, writing, math, science and history.

The results of the 2011 STAR tests figured into California's Academic Performance Index rankings were released this past August. At two Kingsburg elementary schools, gains were apparent, the Kingsburg Recorder reported. At Lincoln Elementary, the score jumped from 825 in 2010 to 850 this year. Meanwhile, at Reagan Elementary, the score improved slightly, from 840 to 844.

"The students and staff worked really hard last year to show how much was learned and increase our STAR test scores," Jennifer Dupras, principal at Lincoln, told the news source. "We had increases in both math and English language arts in both second and third grades."

Dupras added that there were also gains among student subgroups, including pupils with disabilities and those who are considered to be socioeconomically disadvantaged.

At Reagan, educators are using the results that are available to them to reexamine what works and what needs to be refined in order for them to meet students' needs, the news outlet reported.