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School has controversial measures for prepping students for standardized tests
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 16:05 PM

While many schools try different tactics in order to prepare their students for standardized tests, one academic institution in Baltimore is stirring up controversy by their methods of putting the students at ease before the exam.

Northeast Baltimore's Tench Tilghman Elementary and Middle School hold a prayer service for its students before they take the Maryland School Assessments, which is a standardized test for children in grades three through eight, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

However, the city's school officials are now involved saying that it is unacceptable to host a religious practice in a public school setting.

"While we as a district understand that prayer plays an important role for many in our school communities ... it is not appropriate for public institutions of education to promote any particular religious practice," the city's school officials released in a statement.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the service was voluntary to attend, which is why school administrators felt as though it was okay.