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Santa Ynez school strives to further improve California STAR Testing scores

TUESDAY, JUNE 07, 2011 11:32 AM

At a recent Santa Ynez Valley Union High School board meeting, academic officials discussed the state of the school's California STAR Testing scores as well as how they can improve them, according to The Santa Ynez Valley Journal.

This year, students in Santa Ynez, California earned improved scores on the test. According to the exam website, about 773 children were tested in the high school. Approximately 70 percent of students were deemed either proficient or advanced in English. However, on a grade-by-grade basis, while sophomores had a 79 percent proficient or advanced rate, this number dropped to 61 percent in seniors.

English department chair Jeff Reck told the news provider that the overall score of 70 percent was the best in the county and the second best in the tri-county area. However, he is working with other officials to figure out why scores dropped as students got older.

Many faculty members feel that because the language of the test becomes less concrete for higher grades, by senior year, many students struggle to answer abstract questions. For the future, these professionals are working to create a new system of English classes that will train students to handle this type of language.