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Rotary Club donates dictionaries to raise California Standards Test scores
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2011 17:38 PM

The California Standards Test (CST) is one of four components that comprise the California STAR Testing Program, according to the state Department of Education. Second- through eleventh-graders in the state are required to take this assessment each year.

In addition to such topics as mathematics, history and science, a portion of the CST is dedicated to English language arts. Therefore, in order to achieve strong scores, students need to have good reading and writing skills.

To help students enhance their knowledge in these areas, the Foster City Rotary Club has donated dictionaries to local elementary schools for the past five years, The Lagonian reported. This year, three Foster City institutions were the recipients of 380 hardbound third-grade dictionaries, which were valued at $3,800.

These annual donations are meant to increase literacy skills at the three elementary schools and, as a result, raise CST scores, according to the news source. Teachers at these schools use the new classroom resources to incorporate dictionary skills into their curricula.

At each of the schools, the Foster City Rotary Club’s Richard Mozzini led interactive exercises to show students how the dictionaries can be used to enhance learning.