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Researchers link the benefits of meditation to standardized test performance
THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2011 15:55 PM

Children who are worried about how to prepare for standardized tests may want to consider transcendental meditation before they take the exams, as a new study is suggesting that this practice actually increased student performance on standardized tests.

The study, which was published in the journal Education, observed 189 students in a California middle school who were below the proficiency level in math and English. Researchers found that students who used the transcendental meditation technique were able to increase their overall scores.

Researchers found that 41 percent of students who meditated had an increase in performance level for math over a one-year period, compared to 15 percent of the students who did not meditate.

"The results of the study provide support to a recent trend in education focusing on student mind/body development for academic achievement," said Dr. Ronald Zigler, study co-author and associate professor at Penn State, Abington. "We need more programs of this kind implemented into our nation's public schools, with further evaluation efforts."