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Professional uses reading program to raise California STAR Testing scores

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 14:02 PM

Jennifer Teeters, an intervention specialist at New Jerusalem Elementary School, recently told the Tracy Press that she has been working to find creative ways to improve the California STAR Testing scores of her 40 students and get them more excited about reading.

For example, Teeters told the media outlet that she has created a program that she calls Bead-to-Read. Under this initiative, the professional gives each of her students a bead for every 50 pages they read. If children read 500 pages, they receive a glow-in-the-dark bead.

Teeters said that she has found that giving students tangible prizes for their achievements makes them more motivated to reach goals. After only a few weeks, she said the program was a success and the children started getting excited to use their beads to make jewelry and other crafts.

If children are motivated to read more, Teeters hopes that it will increase their scores on the California STAR Testing, particularly the English language arts section.

According to the California Department of Education, reading is crucial to improve children's scores on the test. For that reason, the department has a reading list for students that shows them what books they should read based on their test results.