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Principal uses school rivalry to raise California STAR Testing scores

In sports, competition can push teams to do better and beat their rivals. At George Washington High School in San Francisco, California, Principal Erica Lovrin adopted a similar outlook on her institution's rivalry with Lowell High School. However, instead of competing at sports, Lovrin encouraged her students to beat Lowell's scores on the California Standards Test (CST), The Eagle reported.

The CST is a part of the California STAR Testing Program and assesses students' knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, science and history-social science, according to the California Department of Education.

When Lovrin received her School's 2011 CST results, she was overjoyed to see that the entire student body helped improve the institution's scores, the news source stated. In the principal's opinion, the test results reflect hard work and dedication on the part of students and faculty. The improvements may also be due to Lovrin's words of encouragement.

"Lowell is definitely a tough competitor for sports, but I said to the kids, 'Why don’t we try to beat Lowell’s scores for the STAR test,' so hopefully that motivated them to try their best," Lovrin told the news outlet.