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New Jersey educators go up against Christie in new pay system

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011 15:49 PM

Teachers have been fighting for pay that isn't tied to test scores. However, many government officials are trying to use standardized tests as a means of figuring out which students have progressed and rewarding the educators for providing quality academic standards.

New Jersey is the most recent state to go after teacher pay, as Governor Chris Christie wants to end automatic tenure and layoffs that are based on seniority, according to the United Press International.

Under this new plan, teachers would be evaluated every year as highly effective, effective, partially effective or ineffective. Those who scored highly effective or effective for three consecutive years would receive tenure.

BusinessWeek reports that a number of decisions about teachers would be made based on how students progressed, such as whether they received tenure, how big of a raise they got and which professionals would be laid off during budget cuts.

Christie's acting education commissioner, Christopher Cerf, announced the plan saying that it was the teachers who affected a student's performance, not the books they use or the conditions of the building.