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New Hampshire shows no change in standardized test scores


Many academic officials use standardized test scores in order to determine exactly how students are faring in academics. However, sometimes there is little improvement shown from year to year, which can have some wondering what the next step is in order to ensure students are learning.

Officials in New Hampshire found that there was little change in comparison from the previous year and current standardized test scores, according to the Nashua Telegraph. However, director of the assessment for the state's Department of Education, Tim Kurtz, told the news provider that although there was little change, at least students were not regressing with their scores.

The news provider reports that 77 percent of students scored either proficient or better in reading while 66 percent performed the same in math. These were the same scores in 2009.

There is the chance that the Granite State could see an improvement on exams after New Hampshire passed the Common Core State Standards. These exams require an overhaul of curricula to ensure students are meeting the same academic criteria as their peers across the country.