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Mississippi looks to catch students cheating through technology

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2010 18:34 PM

Students may often think that they can get away with cheating on tests, but new technology could help academic officials catch these pupils red handed as they try to pass the same answers to their friends or those around them.

The state of Mississippi is turning to a new technology that analyzes test answers through a computer, according to The New York Times. The system, which was created by Caveon Test Security, flags tests that have so many of the same questions right or wrong that there is a very small chance that it is just a coincidence.

Students have been using their cell phones to text answers to one another during the standardized tests.

"Every single year I've been in testing there has been more cheating than the year before," John Fremer, a Caveon co-founder, told the news provider.

Caveon's website states that the company's mission is to control cheating by offering improved measures in security that will hopefully ensure that cheating is kept to a minimum.