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Michigan schools find flaws in standardized test year-over-year performance
MONDAY, MARCH 07, 2011 17:07 PM

Although the No Child Left Behind Act was implemented in order to determine year-over-year performance improvement, sometimes the reports do not actually match up in a probable way.

Approximately 34 schools in Michigan recently discovered that the score gains they had year-over-year were statistically improbable, according to the Chicago Tribune. The analysis was brought on by the Detroit Free Press, which held an investigation with USA Today and other news publications.

The news provider reports that Michigan isn't alone in the questionable scores - Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida and Ohio all had a number of schools that reported gains that were unattainable.

The Detroit Free Press reports that some schools were guilty of opening the plastic-wrapped tests days before they should have in order to prepare students for the upcoming exams. However, educators are fighting back and saying that's a fallacy.

"We didn't change answers," a teacher from George Washington Carver Academy who refused to be identified told the news provider. "I wouldn't say we cheated. Maybe we answered questions we shouldn't have."