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Los Angeles schools receive funding for math education
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 18:38 PM

Many schools across the country are committed to helping students acquire 21st-century skills by using computers, software and other technology in their classrooms. For instance, in California, a web-based program from the MIND Research Institute played an essential role in improving pupils' mathematical abilities, KTTV Fox reported.

The software also helped more than 9,500 students at 99th Elementary School achieve higher scores on the 2011 California Standards Test, the news source stated. This assessment, which is a part of the California STAR Testing program, is designed by state educators and test developers specifically for pupils within California, according to the test's website.

After using the software for one school year, students at the School were able to raise their math scores by 13.6 points, on average, the news outlet reported. To help cover the cost of the program, Meg Whitman, the chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, recently announced that she would donate $500,000 to 10 Los Angeles institutions.

According to the news source, Whitman views the software as "a transformational mathematics tool that dramatically improves comprehension and performance."