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Indiana public believes teacher pay tied to student performance is a good idea


Across the country, a number of teachers have been fighting the rule that their pay must be merited by their students' standardized test scores. The educators of Indiana public schools are currently in a similar battle, after Governor Mitch Daniels proposed that teacher pay should be tied to student achievement.

A recent survey from Indiana University's Center for Evaluation & Education Policy found that 58 percent of the public think that is a good idea, according to the Chicago Tribune. Additionally, approximately 75 percent of respondents said that student achievement in the classroom should be a factor.

Despite how the public feels, it's apparent that teachers disagree with this idea. According to WIBC, a radio news station for Indiana, more than 1,000 teachers went to a statehouse rally to argue their displeasure on various education reforms the state is proposing. One of these reforms is tying educator pay to student performance.

The Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) is calling these reforms "anti-public education," while the news provider reports that reform supporters argue that teachers unions already have too much power.